Denyse J. Loeb (domynoe) wrote in market_finder,
Denyse J. Loeb

LJ's Plans

I've stuck with LJ through a lot of things, but they have some upcoming changes that may send me packing. I've already registered a personal journal over at Dreamwidth in preparation to move, but I'm involved with a few communities here at LJ that I haven't decided what I'll do with if I do move.

If you're someone who plans to stay with LJ even if they insist on some of their upcoming changes (revamped, hard to read, non-customized friend's page, modifying the paid accounts, etc) and are interested in keeping MF going, please contact me privately, and we'll talk.

Beyond that, it'll be updated haphazardly as it has been, and we'll wait and see what happens next. I'll definitely let you all know if I plan to move, close it, or just ignore it when I make the final decision.
Tags: mf news & updates
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