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Market Finder

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Market Finders is designed to help writers find markets for their short stories, regardless of genre. Markets will be posted here and writers can post asking for help finding a market for a particular piece. The focus will be on paying markets. The information given here is very basic, but includes contact information and urls, along with any other helpful guidelines the market has given, but writers are expected to check each market's guidelines for additional information or any changes that may have been made since the original market post. Also, we would appreciate comments from writers who have sent work to the markets listed on response time, whether they pay in a timely manner, and other information on their experiences with them. It is recommended that writers save the markets they are most interested in to their memories.

Please note: Because of difficulties with previous Market Editors not posting, this community is not accepting members/editors at this time. However, do feel free to friend us.

Posted Info

Subject of post
Genre: Market Name, Market Type

URL: url

Genres: specifics on genre
Does Not Accept/Want: what the market will not accept

Fiction: include word count (or 'no" if it does not accept)
Essays/Articles: include word count (or 'no" if it does not accept)
Poetry: include number accepted in submission and/or line count (or 'no" if it does not accept)

Reprints: yes or no and any qualifications

Deadlines/Reading Period: yes or no
Est. Response Time: weeks or months

Payment: amount and rights

editor name, email address if they take email subs

snail mail address

For anything we don't have the information for: --- or blank.
adventure fiction, allegory, alternate realities fiction, avant-garde, biographical, boy's love, chick lit, children's fiction, christian fiction, comics, commercial/mainstream, contemporary literature, courtoom drama/legal thriller, creative nonfiction, crime fiction, cross-genre fiction, culture fiction, cyberpunk, dark fantasy, dark fiction, dark science fiction, dark specfic, detective stories, drama, eclectic fiction, epic, erotica, espionage fiction, essays, ethnic fiction, experimental fiction, fables, fairy tales, family saga, fan fiction, fantasy, feminist fiction, fictional biography, flash fiction, folklore, gay/lesbian fiction, general fiction, genre blend/bend, glitz, gothic, historical, historical science fiction, history (nonfic), horror, humor, inspirational, juvenile (ages 2-16), legends, literary fiction, magical realism, mainstream fiction, market listings, memoir, military, mystery, myth, new age fiction, nonfiction, novelettes, novellas, novels, occult fiction, odd/quirky fiction, offbeat fiction, poetry, political, psychic fiction, psychological, publication, realism, regional fiction, religious fiction, romance, romantic suspense, romantica, satire, science fiction, short nonfiction, short stories, slash, slice of life, slipstream, speculative fiction, spiritual fiction, steampunk, superhero fiction, supernatural fiction, surrealism, suspense, techno-thriller, thriller, tradition fiction, true stories, unclassifiable fiction, vampire fiction, weird fiction, western, women's literature, writers, writing, writing markets, yaoi, young adult (ages 12-17)